Ammar Bin Yasser (ABY) Sunday School is held every Sunday to teach the Muslim youth how to read and write in the Arabic language as well as educate students about their religion, Islam. Most of the students who attend ABY attend a regular public school. ABY takes the responsibility and efforts from its wonderful administration and excellent staff members to teach these children the essential knowledge about Islam and encourage the students to put their religion and Allah first in their lives.

Many children love to attend Sunday school because of its atmosphere. Students have the wonderful opportunity to meet their fellow Muslim brothers and sisters from their community and to establish a friendly, valuable relationship with each other. Also, students and teachers establish a connection to further strive to be better Muslims and to benefit from each other by many performing activities. During the school session, children pray the Dhur prayer together. This is a wonderful way to teach the kids how to pray properly and the steps to making wu’du as well as share with others what they were taught in class.”