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MAS Tarbiyah is the member development arm of the Muslim American Society (MAS). Tarbiyah is an Arabic term that refers to the process of educating, nurturing, and developing individuals, groups, and societies. Tarbiyah is a continuous positive influence that leads to growth in all aspects- intellectual, spiritual, and physical- and the development of skills, talent, and abilities.

Personal development is the hallmark of the MAS model. For MAS to be able to accomplish its mission, it needs to make sure those who are involved in accomplishing this mission are:

  • in continuous personal development; and
  • engaging those around them in personal development.

At the MAS Tarbiyah Department, we are tasked with the responsibility of developing MAS members, empowering them with the necessary skills to carry out their work, and giving them the tools and knowledge to help those around them to develop and grow. All MAS members, teams, chapters, and leaders are engaged in such efforts.

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